Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Beauty all around

last sunday my poppet and i went for a walk... and i felt brave enough to try my scooter off-road (we both had mobiles and my hubbie was at home if i beached it going over the fields!). our village is at the top of an escarpment, so we can see for miles facing north (first pic) and west (second pic)...
this was one of my favourite walks before the stroke, so it was so special to experience something of it again - and to share it with my precious daughter!

thank you for those who have commented and emailed asking how i'm doing - really doing...
i realize i haven't been posting as often. one reason is it's really tiring typing one-handed, and i get frustrated. another is, i find it boring to just give folks health updates - mainly because recovery is soooo slow, and so little can be seen day-to-day. i am making tiny improvements... i receive physio twice a week - one session focusing on my leg and walking better, the other focusing on my arm and hand. both are getting stronger, and i can now push through my wrist and hand - as in i can lean on the table transferring my weight from left to right. my physio now thinks i'm ready to tackle stairs. as we live in a bungalow, we'll be practising on fake stairs at the hospital physio department...

one thing i am really excited about is i'm taking a celtic reiki course. last year i took usui reiki I and was due to take reiki II the week after the stroke happened. a friend told me about celtic reiki which i realize is much more in tune with my deep, inner spirit. i'm doing the first attunement remotely, as the teacher lives the other end of the country. i'll let you know how it goes...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sacred Saturday: Playing with cockroaches

esther's got this great book that shows you how to draw really realistically by breaking up the subject into simple shapes and building up the image.
this is my first attempt at drawing with my left hand... not that i particularly wanted to draw a cockroach - it was the least complicated!!! i'm really happy how my hand managed to draw quite bold lines. my handwriting is still quite shaky, but drawing seems to be easier :o)
i find it interesting that the cockroach is crawling over the left-hand side of the page... i know with my right hand i'd have drawn it more centrally - i think it's a better composition this way :o)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Colour bursting forth

how many colours of yellow are there???? new leaf yellow, celandine yellow, forsythia yellow, crocus yellow...
and blue, blue sky!!
spring has indeed sprung :o)