Friday, July 30, 2010

a new day....

... and i've started a new blog...

do drop by and say hello :)

it's lovely to be back!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thoughts... UPDATE

over the past month i've been umming and ahhing about what to do with my blog... basically, i'm feeling blogged out...

so i've decided to take a break - don't know for how long...

i'll stop by your blogs occasionally to say 'hello', but for now, no new posts from me...

it's all part of the new moon/ new season/ spring cleaning/ life questions/ clearing out the clutter vibe this time of the year instills...

take care and deep, deep blessings xxx

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Forget the Oscars...

... while i've been busy trying to keep my head above water - first the snow, then half-term - and clinging to my sanity - a house full of pre-teens and teenagers doesn't allow for much silence and solitude!! - i've been awarded these two wonderful awards, by two wonderful people :o)
i will endeavour not to make a long, gushing acceptance speech...
the first one is from dear kate, who i've never 'met', but she is a soul sister, nonetheless :o) her creative output is mind-blowing!!
Meaning of Award from the originator:
What this Friendship Award means:
This blog invests and believes in Proximity - nearness in space, time and relationships.

how lovely is that?
and the second is from sue, the purple pixie, who i did meet back in thirsk in march 2007, along with several other glitter sisters: kai, who was over from the states, denise and dear daisy lupin, whose gentle spirit lives on... sue produces the most beautiful calligraphy despite suffering from poor eyesight!
so thank you both so very much :o)
since the kids returned to school on monday, i've been able to recharge my batteries - 6 hours a day of silence seems to do it! - and i'm already feeling the benefits... yesterday, i managed to extricate my walker from the chaos that is our hallway, and manoeuver it outside. i then walked the 50 metres or so to the end of our street, sat on the walker for a few minutes' rest, then walked back home. it took me an hour, and i ached from head to toe afterwards, but it was so worth it!! the air was warm-ish (i only needed a jacket rather than my heavy coat), and the neighbours' gardens i passed were awash with colour - green, green grass; crocusses of purple, yellow, white; brilliant yellow celandines; and everybody's daffodils have grown several inches and the buds are beginning to show...
i hope to walk on a regular basis - weather and energy levels permitting! - and eventually achieve my goal of walking to the village shop and back!!! it looks like a 26-mile marathon at the moment but, if i get in lots of training, it is possible... :o)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: 'Much better, thank you!'

(esther's snowman built 1 feb)

i know i'm cruel, but i have to say, i'm very pleased to wish mr snowman 'goodbye'! finally, the snow's melting, and i was able to get out the house for the first time in 10 days!! and yes, i was getting a bit stir-crazy :o{

it's still jolly cold, and i didn't stay out long, but oh, how good it felt - fresh air - no medicine like it!! my little scooter coped fine with the patchy ice and melting snow - just one little wobble when the back end swerved a bit... :o)

also, my skin abscess has finally healed up - hooray!! the nurse came and removed the last dressing today, which is a great relief!

also today, i posted this week's TABI tarot exercises - 5 days early - so i'm feeling especially proud of myself!! the first two weeks, i was struggling to get my answers posted in time, but not this week :o)

and thank you for all your comments and emails - i'm feeling much better than i was two weeks ago...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: A fool's journey

(cards from the beautiful ma'at tarot by julie cuccia-watts)
i've been struggling to complete this week's TABI course exercises - partly because the house has been full of people as the kids and nick were home on various days because of the snow, and partly because the exercises were demanding.
we were asked to consider the 22 major arcana cards as the fool's journey to personal enlightenment and maturity - a theory i was very familiar with having read sallie nichol's jung and tarot: an archetypal journey last summer. the hardest part was considering my own life as such a journey. it demanded a lot of solitude and thought, not to mention personal bravery.
i'm very grateful for the opportunity to consider such deep, soul issues, and i know i'll be revisiting and assimilating what i've uncovered this week for some time to come. it has been something of a pilgrimage, a very sacred process...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: Family time

first we had a lazy morning - sam on the computer, esther and i watching old friends episodes on the telly, nick reading the paper; then we had a lovely roast gammon lunch - thank you, nick!
as esther and i left to see bride wars at the local cinema, sam left for a bike ride with friends, and nick enjoyed a couple of hours of p&q...
we enjoyed the girlie movie - it wasn't a mamma mia moment, but it was fun and a lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon :o) it showed the strength of the bonds between girlfriends - and sadly the power of our innate bitchiness - ouch!
and this is what greeted us as we left the cinema - SNOW!!!
just what you'd expect in england on the eve of imbolc!
sam's had a great afternoon with his friends - a good cycle ride and a great snowball fight - and has come home glowing and soaking wet :o)
esther's gone to a friend's birthday party, i'm listening to radio commentary of liverpool v chelsea and nick's back reading the paper...
what a lovely family sunday!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Feeling not so well

sorry - i'm feeling rather under the weather and not particularly bright or well...

i have a skin abscess on my right arm, which is slowly healing, but the strong antibiotics i'm taking are making me feel yuck :o( i am thankful it's on my right arm, though - at least i can change the dressing...

still, i have managed to post and i'm starting a beginners' tarot course run by TABI, so things are not that bad :o}

so even if it's grey and blah outside, i'm warm and cosy and trying to lift my mood...