Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Feeling not so well

sorry - i'm feeling rather under the weather and not particularly bright or well...

i have a skin abscess on my right arm, which is slowly healing, but the strong antibiotics i'm taking are making me feel yuck :o( i am thankful it's on my right arm, though - at least i can change the dressing...

still, i have managed to post and i'm starting a beginners' tarot course run by TABI, so things are not that bad :o}

so even if it's grey and blah outside, i'm warm and cosy and trying to lift my mood...


At 10:52 pm , Blogger poppy m said...

Hi claire,
Try this tarot site - it may provide some cheer!

Bring back the frost & sunshine - banish this gloomy grey clould & drizzle.

At 5:13 am , Blogger Olivia said...

Good for you for posting, Claire. I know how hard it is to post when you just feel like crap and there is so little to give or express. We all do what we can, yes?

I hope you feel better soon and that those antibiotics kick in. They are rough but they are a blessing. With MRSA and all, they are a gift.

Healing energies and love,


At 1:06 pm , Blogger judie said...

Oh Clair, I hope you feel better soon. Wow, you will soon be a Tarot reader? Maybe I can be your first "customer". Take care. xoxoxo

At 12:35 am , Blogger Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Claire,
Im sorry the weather is gloomy there, my dad says the UK is getting pretty yuckie weather..
I hope your body heals and you can become a good Tarot reader..I know a pub we can meet in for a reading.. :)
miss you,
Peace, Kai

At 7:58 pm , Blogger Tina said...

Hope you feel better Claire! xoxo


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