Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: A fool's journey

(cards from the beautiful ma'at tarot by julie cuccia-watts)
i've been struggling to complete this week's TABI course exercises - partly because the house has been full of people as the kids and nick were home on various days because of the snow, and partly because the exercises were demanding.
we were asked to consider the 22 major arcana cards as the fool's journey to personal enlightenment and maturity - a theory i was very familiar with having read sallie nichol's jung and tarot: an archetypal journey last summer. the hardest part was considering my own life as such a journey. it demanded a lot of solitude and thought, not to mention personal bravery.
i'm very grateful for the opportunity to consider such deep, soul issues, and i know i'll be revisiting and assimilating what i've uncovered this week for some time to come. it has been something of a pilgrimage, a very sacred process...


At 11:23 pm , Blogger poppy m said...

Hi there - a mammoth task. Hope you fortified yourself with coffee, cake & chocolate!


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