Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wellness Wednesday: Prophetic words

yesterday i received an email from Artella magazine asking if they could use a poem i wrote in july 2005 and submitted to their poetry garden competition that year...
here's the poem

i remember i wrote it one summer's evening sat on my bed, as the shadows of the lilac tree outside the window danced on the page... that year - aged 41 - i was rediscovering my creative spirit, letting her loose to play with paints and clay and collage and words and journals and... i was truly a little girl again!

when i wrote the last line 'positioning is everything', i envisioned placing my self in the shimmering light where inspiration could fall. now as i draw near the end of my three weeks' intensive physiotherapy, i have a much more prosaic understanding! no lofty thoughts of positioning my self where the muse may find me... right now i just want to sit and stand unaided!!!

last friday, may 9, i 'celebrated' the first anniversary of the stroke... what a journey!!! while i'm working very hard to position my body correctly so i can more 'normally' stand, walk, sit, etc. i am beginning to sense the muse calling again... inspiring me to try my left hand at painting, drawing, journalling... and i'm excited to say when the muse calls, there's no correct, proper or normal positioning required!!!!