Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Forget the Oscars...

... while i've been busy trying to keep my head above water - first the snow, then half-term - and clinging to my sanity - a house full of pre-teens and teenagers doesn't allow for much silence and solitude!! - i've been awarded these two wonderful awards, by two wonderful people :o)
i will endeavour not to make a long, gushing acceptance speech...
the first one is from dear kate, who i've never 'met', but she is a soul sister, nonetheless :o) her creative output is mind-blowing!!
Meaning of Award from the originator:
What this Friendship Award means:
This blog invests and believes in Proximity - nearness in space, time and relationships.

how lovely is that?
and the second is from sue, the purple pixie, who i did meet back in thirsk in march 2007, along with several other glitter sisters: kai, who was over from the states, denise and dear daisy lupin, whose gentle spirit lives on... sue produces the most beautiful calligraphy despite suffering from poor eyesight!
so thank you both so very much :o)
since the kids returned to school on monday, i've been able to recharge my batteries - 6 hours a day of silence seems to do it! - and i'm already feeling the benefits... yesterday, i managed to extricate my walker from the chaos that is our hallway, and manoeuver it outside. i then walked the 50 metres or so to the end of our street, sat on the walker for a few minutes' rest, then walked back home. it took me an hour, and i ached from head to toe afterwards, but it was so worth it!! the air was warm-ish (i only needed a jacket rather than my heavy coat), and the neighbours' gardens i passed were awash with colour - green, green grass; crocusses of purple, yellow, white; brilliant yellow celandines; and everybody's daffodils have grown several inches and the buds are beginning to show...
i hope to walk on a regular basis - weather and energy levels permitting! - and eventually achieve my goal of walking to the village shop and back!!! it looks like a 26-mile marathon at the moment but, if i get in lots of training, it is possible... :o)


At 5:30 pm , Blogger Olivia said...

Congratulations on your awards, Claire...I am going to post something later today about mobility and nordic walking. The poles can be used, with training, instead of a walker, and they can be very, very helpful. I'm hoping it might be helpful for you.

I changed my usage of them to support my knees, but they are often used for people with much more serious problems.

Keep up the amazing exercise and your great attitude,



At 6:07 pm , Blogger Olivia said...

Ok, Claire, it's up :)


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