Thursday, January 15, 2009

Destructive Creativity

the kids and i have been having THE most fun time with this book!
i love keri smith and i've got all her books, but this is the whackiest!!
first, we had to break the spine - yes, it says just that! - and esther duly stamped on it!! then we spilled juice and tea on it... sprayed perfume on it... tore out a page, crumpled it and stick it back in...
we made a paper aeroplane - the page is marked up for you - we ripped up a page, we wrote as many four letter words we could think of, we picked the journal up without using our hands (yes, those are teeth marks on the front cover!!), we stood on a chair and dropped it, we threw it across the room...
as a devoted bibliophile, when i first read keri's suggestions, i wailed in horror... when the kids started throwing the book around, i though, 'what the heck!!'
we still have to trail it along behind us outside, wear it (!!??), draw in it while in motion, stick fruit stickers, stamps, pocket lint, only white objects in it, make a funnel with a page, doodle while on the phone on a page printed to look like the back of an envelope, seal it, address it and mail it back to us and, quelle horreur - TAKE IT IN THE SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!
the wild abandon of keri's ideas are such an inspiration, and when you start, you just can't stop...
i've no idea how long the journal will hold up, but the kids and i have had a ball, and we're not halfway through yet!!
it's definitely the best tenner i've spent for a good, long while :o)


At 10:01 pm , Blogger La oreja del cojo said...

Anna chica, vente de vacaciones a Canary Islands y pasaras unos dias de relax y seguro que con tu gran sentido de la realidad abriras nuevos horizontes.

Disfruta, besos.

At 10:21 pm , Blogger poppy m said...

That has to be one of the best blog entries I've ever read! What a real surprise - totally off-the-wall - well I have worked in libraries for years!!! Keri Smith's a creative genius. It's so great the whole family have got involved!

At 10:55 pm , Anonymous Tina Tarnoff said...

Oh, my, god, this is hilarious! I want this journal, I'm getting this journal! My husband - the writer, will love this. How many times did he want to tear up books (his books, my books, any books)throw them in the shower, write four letter words on them, tear up the pages... and I wouldn't let him:). He'll love it!

At 4:24 pm , Blogger zorana said...

How fun! I bought that book for my son's friend because I thought she might need it. And I was right - she loved it. Never occurred to me to see what Hana can do with it. Love that you are having such fun with your kids. Wonderful post! xo

At 4:39 pm , Anonymous misty Mawn said...

this book looks like great family fun, i will have to check it out today when i get to the book store.... have you checked out these books?

i love them!!! great for both children and adults! ;-)

thanks so much for your words on my post! have a beautiful day! xo

At 3:49 am , Blogger paintandink said...

Sounds like it would be GREAT stress relief! And, perhaps, you have to take things apart sometimes in order to build them back up again, anew.


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