Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: Mama love

here's my latest artwork purchase - isn't he adorable?! :o)
he's perched pride of place on my mantel - surrounded by images of women...
the artist is sarah kiser and here's her etsy shop and her blog. she's the sweetest person and i think that shows through in her work :o)
he's a little reminder of when my boy was small and wore stripy tees and shorts all year round - he's now 13, 5'8" and will only wear designer jeans!!
as i write, i'm surrounded by testosterone - my girl's away at a sleepover, so sam had two friends sleep over last night - after pizza and a movie, of couse! now they're playing video games and whooping and hollering, and laughing and killing baddies (onscreen!!)
ahhh! where do the years go??
but my boy's healthy and strong, he's thoughtful and kind (most of the time!) and he's growing into a fine young man :o)
and yes, sometimes i indulge in memories - like taking the bus together for the first time, his first tooth, enjoying a tiffin break and the waitresses making a fuss over him - but most of the time, i'm looking forward to all the things he has yet to do and see as his horizons widen, and yes, i'm still the ever-proud mama...


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At 11:59 pm , Blogger Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Claire,
Oh my gosh, that's precious!
peace, Kai

At 3:18 am , Blogger Pamela said...

The art work is very sweet, just like that way you speak about your son. :)


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