Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: Family time

first we had a lazy morning - sam on the computer, esther and i watching old friends episodes on the telly, nick reading the paper; then we had a lovely roast gammon lunch - thank you, nick!
as esther and i left to see bride wars at the local cinema, sam left for a bike ride with friends, and nick enjoyed a couple of hours of p&q...
we enjoyed the girlie movie - it wasn't a mamma mia moment, but it was fun and a lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon :o) it showed the strength of the bonds between girlfriends - and sadly the power of our innate bitchiness - ouch!
and this is what greeted us as we left the cinema - SNOW!!!
just what you'd expect in england on the eve of imbolc!
sam's had a great afternoon with his friends - a good cycle ride and a great snowball fight - and has come home glowing and soaking wet :o)
esther's gone to a friend's birthday party, i'm listening to radio commentary of liverpool v chelsea and nick's back reading the paper...
what a lovely family sunday!!


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