Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wellness Wednesday: Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a pleasant New Year's Eve. i spent the evening with my best mate, Tina, watching Under the Tuscan Sun, sharing a shamanic ritual where we burnt sticks bearing three things we wanted to let go of, and made arrows of the three things we wanted to let into our lives, and counting down the minutes with Jools Holland!!

This is my new planner for 2008 made by Emily at Keepsake Couture.I love it!! it's big - A4 size - with space to write everything! I just love the handmade design on the front - and those colours! I'm using it to plan my life for the next year - not just appointments, etc., but intentions for each week and on what area i want to focus my energy each week. i'm using Jennifer Louden's Life Organizer to prompt the questions to ask my heart what she wants each day... i don't know where my heart will lead this year, but i figure it's about time i gave her a chance to lead my choices for the first time in my life!!


At 10:33 am , Blogger Olivia said...

Happy New Year, Claire! The resources you've chosen look like fun. Peace, joy, and love, O xxoo

At 11:59 am , Blogger Keepsake Couture said...

I'm so glad you love the planner so much! I hope your 2008 is filled with lots of wonderful things!

P.S. What a fabulous way to spend New Year's - I absolutely love that movie!

At 7:56 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that you have a wonderful year Claire! Wonderful post! *HUGS*

At 10:14 pm , Blogger KaiBlueCreations said...

Happy new year Claire..
I love planners with more then an inch square to write I have lots to say!
I loved your holiday card, your left handed writing is spiffy!!
Thank you for your kind words..
Peace, Kai

At 4:07 am , Blogger radiogirl said...

Such a wonderfully inspiring post -- I will be carefully listening to my heart, as well.


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