Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wellness Wednesday: Hope

I know i'm a couple of days early - the winter solstice is on friday - but i love this jethro tull song - from 30 years ago! - and i've just worked out how to embed a video from youtube!!
there are two more days of deep darkness - it's already 6.45a.m. and it's as black as midnight - but i hope and trust the light will slowly reappear and lengthen our days. i wish we still rang out the bells to celebrate this natural phenomenon...
starting on friday, i will be starting a yearlong online course to study the earth's rhythms with susan gregg. i don't know what to expect, but i looking forward to reconnecting my soul to the earth's and learning how to celebrate the natural (as distinct from human-made) times of the year.

enjoy the video as i send buckets of solstice and yuletide blessings to you all xxx


At 7:41 pm , Blogger Patti said...

Studying the earths rhythms would be a fantastic thing to learn. Enjoyed listening to Jethro Tull. Happy Solstice and Yuletide to you too Claire!

At 2:20 pm , Blogger Flassie's Fil'a said...

Have a Very Blessed Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Blessed New Year to You and Yours! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

At 9:51 pm , Blogger Mary Timme said...

It has been difficult to find time to hit all the blogs lately, so I'm sending this rather late, but have a great season. It is the happiest day of the year for those of us in the Nothern Hemisphere as we know the sun increases from here on out. You have to love that.

At 3:13 am , Blogger Tinker said...

I'm a little late - but wishing you happy holidays!

At 3:39 am , Blogger radiogirl said...

I hope your solstice and holidays were wonderful! Wishing you a year full of magic and delight and dreams come true.


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