Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sacred Life Sunday: Celebrations!!

Ten years ago i was giving birth to this amazing blessing - a little girl. she only weighted 6 pounds, but she was alive and well and beautiful!! that christmas, i was HUGE and we had a few false alarms racing to Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham in the middle of the night... but my poppet knew when she was good and ready to make her entrance, and she wasn't to be rushed!!!

yesterday we had a housefull of giggling girls - sam invited a friend to keep himself sane. the girls played blind man's buff, hide and seek, and drew hopscotch on the drive; the boys watched a movie...

Esther has never really liked her name (it is my husband's mother's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's name), because it's never printed on any mugs, or rulers, or pencil cases you can buy in stores. so i had this banner made for her bedroom by Kirsty at PaperFish - she LOVED it :o)

And of course there was candlelit chocolate cake for dessert. what a day!!!


At 7:53 pm , Blogger Kate said...


you have such a lovely daughter. The banner is such a great idea. I know there are places to customize a name on a mug or pencil or other thing. Maybe one day you can do that and surprise her. Tell her Happy Birthday!


At 6:24 am , Blogger zorana said...

Beautiful girl! She has grown so much! I wish her a very happy birthday and may all her dreams come true. I used to dislike my name for the very same reason... but Esther is such a feminine, beautiful, romantic name. I think it goes well with her.
Happy birthday and happy, healthy 2008!

At 5:31 pm , Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Just popping over on my super speed, reformatted laptop to wish you a Happy New Year! On my blog you will find 2 awards which I want all my luverly blogging friends to share.
Have a great 2008!


At 7:31 pm , Blogger storyteller said...

Ah - I hated my name as a kid, but love it today. Maybe she'll grow into it like I did. Hope your holiday was merry and bright and that 2008 brings peace, joy and wonder.
Hugs and blessings,

At 3:18 am , Blogger radiogirl said...

Happy Birthday to Esther! And many, many more! I hope the coming year brings her lots of joy and wishes come true.

I love that name, actually; and it's climbing on my secret name list, as I find that more and more of my favorite names are becoming a dime a dozen!

Alison with one L was never common on many things, either, so I feel her pain, but I love my name now, because it's just common enough that no one thinks it's weird, but uncommon enough that it's not forgettable.

At 11:05 pm , Blogger Zura Beth said...

Hey Claire,

My youngers on's birthday is Dec 29th also. His name is Laddan so it's not on any cups, etc either :)

Your daughter is lovely. Congrats mom for a job well done!



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