Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Dream the dream

(sorry it isn't the best video - liverpool are in red, havant in yellow for the non-football-lovers out there!)

yesterday was one of those dream FA Cup ties - a tiny club, havant & waterlooville, took on
liverpool at anfield... havant, who usually see 400 supporters on a saturday, played on the hollowed turf to 42,000+ - 36,000 liverpool faithful and 6,000 who travelled 250 miles to cheer their team on.
the part-time footballers - a courier, a teacher, a builder, a taxi-driver, a binman... - took on some of the highest paid professional footballers, and what a first half!! they surpassed their wildest dreams and scored first - at the famous kop end! liverpool equalized, but too many of the premier team were making mistakes, and havant scored again!! just before half-time, liverpool redeemed themselves and equallized again...
these part-time players totally deserved to be level-pegging as they went at half-time. they played with 110% commitment and serious skill - yes, liverpool weren't playing well, but havant were playing great!!
of course, as a liverpool supporter, i really didn't want my team to go out of the competition and thankfully as havant tired, liverpool stepped up a gear and won 5-2. but the dream continued for the little team - the whole ground gave them a standing ovation, and they lapped it up!! thirteen men - 11 first team players and 2 substitutes - will have memories of this day to share with their children and grandchildren - they took on the mighty liverpool and played their hearts out!!
and thanks to their performance, this little club will have revenue to last them several years - they get half the day's match ticket takings!
tomorrow they go back to their regular jobs, but nobody can take away their achievements on a glorious january day!


At 2:03 pm , Blogger Lisa said...

Yay! Love you, Claire.

At 9:05 pm , Blogger KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Claire,
Lorna lived in Waterlooville before moving to Southsea.. It's a lovely little Goliath and David moment for them.. Even if they did loose, their souls won!!!
PEace, Kai xx


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