Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Samhain

here's esther's pumpkin she carved on friday :o)
she went 'trick or treating' with a friend, which she enjoyed, but we didn't have too many visitors here...
i'm not particularly keen on the modern spin on halloween, so yesterday i tried to explain to the kids about samhain - the original festival to mark the 'summer's end', the time when the veil between our world and the spirit world is especially thin, the time when we remember our dead loved ones and tell stories to keep their memory alive, the time marking the beginning of the darkest part of the year...
a dear friend sent me a lovely gift for samhain which gave me the perfect lead in :o) and i'll try and answer the questions she left on my last post when i come back from lunch...
* Where did you grow up? Tell me a happy childhood memory.
i was born in singapore, and came to england when i was 3. sadly i have no memories of my time there, but my parents have albums full of great pics!
most of my happiest memories involve my grandad - my dad's dad - shelling peas for sunday lunch, playing cricket or badminton in his back garden, placing penny bets as we watched the saturday afternoon horse racing, learning to play chess and gin rummy on rainy days...
* What is your day job?
getting better and stronger - and doing my daily physio exercises
* What is your favourite form of artistic expression?
to watch or do? if both - every kind! - dance, theatre, films, music, sculpture, painting, drawing, writing, poetry, storytelling...
* What is a goal that you hope to achieve in the next year?
to keep getting physically stronger and walk on my own to the local corner shop - and back!!!
* Who do you think should win Strictly Come Dancing & why?
of the likely finalists, i hope tom wins and austin doesn't - i just can't warm to him at all! at the moment jodie's my favourite - she improved soooo much, and ian's always been my favourite professional dancer, but i can't really see her going all the way...
there you go, poppy! i hope you enjoy my answers :o)


At 10:24 pm , Blogger Kate said...


It was interesting reading your responses. I did not know you were born in Singapore. I can't claim such an exotic location. I wish you well in the coming months. I know you will be able to make that walk soon.


At 8:19 pm , Blogger poppy m said...

Hi Claire,
I didn't know you were born in Singapore! Loved the childhod memories - wouldn't be a wonderful world if all children could have even a little bit of that "Sunday with the grandparents" experience.
I'm with you on SCD - cant warm to Austin. I want Tom to win & Cherie to do really really well. As for John - he certainly lights up the programme - what a star!
Every journey starts with one step - may all those one steps add up quickly.
Last night I boiled up the pumpkin & fed it to the crazy hens this morning. There was NOTHING left within a minute - marvellous thing this recycling!


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