Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Pure Joy

sometimes a song comes along that just lifts your spirits up and away, even on the gloomiest day....

this is the official video for the single - takes a minute or so to get going, but it's so worth it :o)

the band,
elbow, just won the mercury prize for their latest album seldom seen boy - it's brilliant!!!!


At 8:30 pm , Blogger poppy m said...

Hi Claire,
Really enjoyed this. I've just notice that you have THREE BLOG site awards - WAY TO GO!!!

At 4:58 pm , Blogger zorana said...

Just dropped by to say that I'm thinking about you. Hope you're doing well... The song was a nice surprise. I really enjoyed the video too (I always wave to the boys making magic with those signs... and they wave back).

At 2:48 pm , Blogger Angela said...

Hi Claire,
Hope you are enjoying the India's Love Lyrics Journal! I told my husband we may have to move over there after our elections, so who knows we may meet someday soon.

At 10:10 pm , Blogger poppy m said...

Hi there
I saw on this moonroot blog site & thought it was a great idea - an interview! So here are 5 questions that you may think worth answering on the blog!!
*Where did you grow up? Tell me a happy childhood memory.
*What is your day job?
* What is your favourite form of artistic expression?
* What is a goal that you hope to achieve in the next year?
* Who do you think should win "Strictly Come Dancing" & why?
Poppy M

At 11:34 pm , Anonymous storyteller said...

Hey ... thanks for sharing. It's a new song to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

At 1:42 am , Blogger Lisa said...

Just dropping in to say hi! I've had you on my mind. I had a pic of the pillow you bought up as my header for a few day and every time I looked at it, I thought of you. xoxox


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