Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Musing: Autumnal abundance

branches fairly heaving with haws and apples (sadly, i couldn't get any closer to the apples tree in the second picture, but hopefully you can see just how many apples there are on it!!)

i'm not feeling terribly abundant myself today - other than the maelstrom of hormones that plague me each month... but i'm hoping that posting these pics and making myself write something will inspire me to just step outside myself and into the beauty of the season around and about me...

in fact, i've more than enough to be grateful for - two beautiful, healthy kids; a happy hubbie, who's very busy at work and loving it; regular physio; a new hand splint to encourage my hand to open up; an appointment next week for a foot splint to aid my walking; winning a copy of SARK's new book for posting about it the other week; also winning dear sue's competition and receiving some of her gorgeous calligraphy in the mail; liverpool winning an awesome game yesterday against man. city (2--0 down at half-term and winning 2--3!!!); my favourite show back on saturday nights; obama making inroads into so-called red states - i'm willing all those who have registered to actually vote next month!!; a warm, dry home; clean, running water; cupboards full of food; candles flickering in the fireplace...

and you know, i do feel a lot better - even my tummy cramps have eased a bit :o)


At 3:47 pm , Blogger Kai said...

Aloha Claire,
Congrads on your TEEN's birthday :) My Kelisa was 20 on the same day..
I love your views of Autumn, they are teriffic!!
PEace, Kai

At 5:37 pm , Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

Autumn is indeed here!

At 8:18 am , Blogger poppy m said...

Hi Claire,
I hope today's sunshine is a feast for your heart & eyes!


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