Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Belated Wellness Wednesday: Wonderful Worlds

i'm discovering the wonderful world of tarot!!

i've just joined TABI - the Tarot Association of the British Isles - and i'm proudly displaying their badge on my sidebar (you can click on the hyperlink underneath the logo - i've yet to find a widget to link the logo directly to the site!). they're a wonderful online group and i'm hoping to take their beginners' course next month - i'm on the waiting list!!

this is a celtic cross spread i did for myself a couple of weeks ago. the cards are an awesome deck i bought from etsy - some of my favourite collage artists made cards for the deck, and in the accompanying book you can read of what inspired each artist as well as a very perceptive meaning for each card.

i'm not planning to pitch up at the seaside wearing hoop earrings and a headscarf anytime soon, but i am finding the tarot to be a wonderful self-discovery tool. the link between carl jung's collective consciousness and the archetypal images of the main tarot cards is something i'm learning about.
i read this book cover to cover the other week and i've got several more lined up :o)

i'm convinced the soul 'sees' in images, and i'm finding a way to combine my love of art and my deep interest in people :o) friends, and even strangers, are responding to a favourite image and telling me of what it 'reminds' them... already, i've had some incredible conversations prompted by the cards...

i feel this is the next step on my inner journey... who knows - and even cares - where it will lead!! it's a fool's journey full of adventure and deep learning, and i'm sooo excited to be on it :o)

PS you may notice the newly sparkling glitter sisters badge on my sidebar! it will now link to the blog of beloved violette - the creator of GPS - the Glitter Power Sisters :o)


At 2:35 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Anna!!! Thanks for sharing with us! Outstanding that you have the Glitter Sisters sign on your blog and that it leads to Violette's blog. *HUGS*


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