Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Passionate Life

This is 'officially' my last day of this wonderful project - but hopefully not the last day of my sacred life... :o)
I have been so enriched by the blogs of the inspiring, interesting, creative people i've 'met' over the past month - long may it continue!!!
Talking of inspiring, creative people - i've been indulging in some serious TV time... i simply adore The House of Eliott, the BBC series from the 1990s - the clothes, the beautiful people, the story-lines, the social history...
And i've realized it's about time i admitted how important interesting, creative people are to me; how important art, literature, the whole arty-farty (my dad's word for it!) shebang are to my soul - i've denied it all for far too long...
I've been given the next year or more to recover from this stroke - the time we all wish life would give us to do what we really want to do without having to worry about work, paying the bills, etc. - i honestly don't know what/how/where it will take me, but i'm determined to give my tender soul the sacred nourishment it needs!
to be honest i'm rather frightened of wearing my heart on my sleeve, baring my soul. so my friends and family can really see it - and being brave enough to take the ridicule i fear will come from some quarters - but i know i have to do it!!
i have to do what i keep writing in my journal:
and i happen to believe that when i actually admit what i'm passionate about, the whys and wherefores of my life will fall into place...


At 10:20 am , Blogger Journey Through Life said...

Isn't it sad that the souls we really are and openly express in our blogs to other passionate souls is something that we are so frightened to be in our real lives. But it is so true. I also find in my life, that the spiritual person I am, is not something that the I can openly share with most of the people in my life.
It's time that changed!!
You go girl! Live your passion! Be the wonderful soul that you are.

At 10:36 am , Blogger Patti said...

With your lovely attitude towards life, I believe you will get well and you will live your passion with gusto.

At 11:37 am , Blogger b'oki. said...

hi claire,
i'm Bette from Christine's Abbey Of The Arts Blog.
I am so excited for you taking this big step to finally live your Passion! what a feeling of Liberation! and i can't wait to see what rises from Within You!

At 7:27 pm , Blogger Olivia said...

Yea, Claire, I can't wait to see what happens in your are at a wonderful place.

I too fear being myself online but it is so nice to know that there is a safe place to do this in our warm community. I know that it has given me more courage with friends and family members. Without this community I would have stayed hidden within, not just from others, but from myself.

Don't you just think that's the greatest thing of all---when you begin to really know and love YOU and accept that you are MORE than okay, just the way you are!

For you are!



At 8:47 pm , Blogger Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Hey Claire...oh famous one who once lived close to Bernie T and saw Elton wearing a fur in his driveway! NO, I did not know this about you and smiled big time when I read this comment on my blog. I am applauding for you, cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way from my little corner of the world tucked away in the deep south. You Go Girl! FOLLOW JOY!

At 9:00 pm , Blogger Abbey of the Arts said...

Claire, blessings on the healing gift of this year. St. Ignatius said that the deepest desires of our hearts were planted there by God. May you embrace those desires and let them blaze forth into the world in all their glory.
blessings, Christine

At 9:30 pm , Blogger altermyworld said...

A lovely post. You can do it, live authentically. You can live with passion, I am sure of it.

At 9:44 pm , Blogger Mary Timme said...

At the meeting we had yesterday, one of the questions was, 'what do you want to say?' I realized I want to tell the whole world that life lived to the fullest is what it is all about. There is such hope and love to support each of us. Take care and be passionate.

At 4:19 am , Blogger Carla said...

YES! The world NEEDS your passion! Let it out, let yourself shine! xoxo

At 3:19 pm , Blogger Rick Hamrick said...

GO, Claire!

We're all rooting for you, and with YOU rooting for you, it will be a wonderful adventure.


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