Wednesday, August 29, 2007


she's not a great piece of art, but i love her...
she reminds me to just sit still a while, to watch the sunlight move across the mantelpiece, to just b r e a t h e ...

yesterday i finished The Seven Whispers by Christina Baldwin - a small book BIG on profound thoughts - thank you Deb for bringing this wonderful author to my attention!!!

the seven whispers are:

Maintain peace of mind.
Move at the pace of guidance.
Practise certainty of purpose.
Surrender to surprise.
Ask for what you want and offer what you can.
Love the folks in front of you.
Return to the world.

the chapter on 'surrender to surprise' certainly got my attention - not all surprises are fun...

To live consciously, we need to prepare for wonderful and horrible things to happen to us that we don't expect... Surrendering to surprise allows us to practise the resilience we need to respond to whatever life offers...

so i'm surrendering... i'm embracing each new day... i'm trying to live in the moment - to forget the pain of the intense physio session yesterday, to not focus on how slow my recovery seems to be, to not dwell on what i can't do for myself...

in this moment i sit and watch my serene statue in the morning sun, and i breathe... i say thank you for this new day... and i am at peace...


At 9:11 am , Blogger miss*R said...

Claire! finally tracked you down xoxo thankyou for visiting my croning blog - I do have another everyday blog - tales of Inglewood.
This book sounds like one I must get - I love the Seven whispers
sending you some magick to help you through your day xoox
(ps - did you know I am visiting the UK in 2009?? maybe we will get to meet!)

At 10:14 am , Blogger Patti said...

These Seven Whispers are great - I'll look out for the book.

Surrender to surprise - that's a tough one, I hope I can rise to the occasion when the surprise comes!

At 12:23 pm , Blogger JoyceAnn said...

Sounds like a book , I would like to read. Seven Whispers ........ an interesting concept.
Hope your day is full of joy and happiness !

At 1:35 pm , Blogger Sherry said...

I am truly honored that you have picked one of my necklaces.
I do hope it will add brightness to your day.


At 2:53 pm , Blogger Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

Claire you inspire me with each truly do! I really do need that reminder to get up each day and be, as you say, in the moment. The book sounds fantastic and the list...well I may have to copy and print that.....put it where I can read it daily!
I love the fluid lines of that sculpture.
I have high expectations for your full recovery, the Universe is listening to your heart!

At 4:40 pm , Blogger Lisa said...

I am home for a quick bite of lunch and then back to work. Thanks to you, I feel refreshed in spirit and ready to go back.

I love this statue and the way you see her.

At 7:18 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love her. Also love your new photo of you. The Seven Whispers sounds great. Love Hugs and Blessings

At 11:31 pm , Blogger Journey Through Life said...

Wow, this is a fantastic piece of art! I love it! I definitely need to come back and look at it again!

At 12:07 am , Blogger altermyworld said...

ahhhh so peaceful, i hope you are doing well and knowing that you are loved.

At 12:38 am , Blogger KaiBlueCreations said...

tranquility, peace, serenity and love to you xx

Peace, Kai xx

At 1:01 am , Blogger The Dream said...

i love that sculpture, claire! the seven whispers ... i am putting that on my short list for the next barnes & noble order.

At 2:20 am , Blogger Kate said...

The Seven Whispers, I remember seeing something about that book, but never bought it. I guess it needs to go on my list. It sounds wonderful.

I love the pic of you on your scooter. I am so glad you are able to get out a little more.


At 9:00 am , Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

What a lovely philosophy!


At 2:59 pm , Blogger Deborah said...

Thanks for posting the site! And BTW your piece is on its way. Why, I have to ask, is it cheaper to mail stuff to the UK than it is to my neighbors in Canada?

PS I love the way your piece came out. I took pictures of it and can't wait til you get it and I can show it off in a post!

At 7:21 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That book sound wonderful and I absolutely love that sculpture! It is peaceful to me as well. You are truely an inspiration. :)

At 3:35 am , Blogger Carla said...

She is beautiful. And this post encircled my heart. I read The Seven Whispers years ago and now I know I need to read it again. Thanks Claire. xoxo

At 11:42 am , Blogger radiogirl said...

This post is just what I needed today. Thank you.

At 1:52 pm , Blogger storyteller said...

I appreciate learning about this book and plan to seek out a copy of my own later today.
Hugs and blessings,


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