Thursday, August 16, 2007

A bowlful of love

Every morning my darling hubbie gets me breakfast - sometimes it branflakes and fresh raspberries, this morning it was strawberries...
Don't you just love the heart-shaped slices??????????

Yesterday we saw a haematologist. we learned a lot... i have indeed a genetic blood disorder... the kids will be screened in their late teens, my dad and brother will need screening now...

i will be on warfarin for the rest of my life - a small price to pay for no more blood clots!! she's referring me to the top haematologist in the county - i'm such an interesting case!!!????!!!! but you all knew that!!!!

i'm just so glad i live in a western country in the 21st century...
... and so blessed to have such a loving husband - who feeds me strawberries!!!!


At 10:38 am , Blogger Tinker said...

What sweet husband - and the strawberries do look like hearts - making breakfast doubly sweet.
Modern medicine is amazing. I'm so glad you're doing better, and there's a medication to prevent future problems.

At 5:05 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta love a good husband and sounds like you have one. Glad you are doing better and now have a heads up on meds for the future. Love Hugs and Blessings

At 6:58 pm , Blogger A Peaceful Place. said...

Oh I dont know why im crying tears of joy now Claire..
It could be because you have the bestest hubbie to take care of you like only he can..
Or the way the strawberries are..
Or that I know you will be around now for a very long, healthy life :)
Bright, bright blessings!!!
Peace, Kai xx

At 10:00 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strawberries! YUM! They do look like little hearts too. I love the heart shapes as well. :)
Thanks for sharing this!

At 2:40 am , Blogger MissKoolAid said...

You are one lucky woman.

At 7:57 am , Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

Like Kai, I too have tears running down my face.
Thank you for bring a humbleness to me which far outstrips any feelings over silly little things which creep into our lives and really are of no concern to anybody but ourselves.
Sometimes we need to remember what really matters in life.
Thank you my honeybunch.

At 5:17 pm , Blogger Lisa-Oceandreamer-S. said...

What a darling chap....there is something so wonderful in even the simplest gestures(just look at those heart shaped strawberries). It is a blessing isn't it? But the biggest blessing of all oh wonderful Claire is that you have modern medicine on your side - keeping you giggling and delighting our world that you're in it!and reminding us of what is TRULY important!
BIG hugs and LOTS of love,

At 10:34 pm , Blogger Flassie's Fil'a said...

The strawberries look as if your hubby had a hand in making them look like Hearts. Strawberries of Love. A Little Love Letter in a bowl of Branflakes for Breakfast. What a Loving Husband. Blessing's Overflowing! {{{Hugs}}}!

At 10:05 pm , Blogger zorana said...

How sweet, sweet, sweet! And what a wonderful photo! Yes, we all know that you are an 'interesting case'... never thought of it in a medical way... I'm glad that there is medicine that will help you avoid future problems. Much love,

At 1:59 am , Blogger Kara said...

Just came to visit your lovely blog and I just love this photo with the heart shaped strawberries. Your husband must have sliced them special. Glad there is medicine - yes and I wish you a happy HEALTHY long life!


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