Monday, August 06, 2007

I got pictures...

I finally worked out how to upload pictures on my laptop!!!!!!!!!!!
The first pic is of my gorgeous pedicure - can you see the little jewels on my big toes???? Soooo funky!!! Sadly my right foot drags as I walk, so the big toe is now rather scuffed :o( I'm certainly going to book another session with the lovely Melanie - can you believe she pampers me in my own home??? Maybe I'll book a full massage next time aswell as a pedicure!!
The beautiful bouquet is from family friends from Cambridge - just look at those lilies!!!!!! Soooo exuberant!!!! Nothing lifts the spirit like a surprise delivery of beautiful flowers - except maybe a relaxing pedicure!!!


At 3:40 pm , Blogger Gemma said...

Oh Pretty toes. How Fun! A lovely bouquet of Lillies certainly are uplifting as well. Sending you my love

At 7:09 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo's! Your toes look great! Thanks for sharing with us!

At 3:50 am , Blogger Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

Darling Claire, what lovely toes and lovely flowers. both definitely spirit lifters for sure!
Thinking of you with love and hugs!

At 4:19 am , Blogger MissKoolAid said...

Doesn't it feel good to treat ourselves to something special once in a while? I love lilies. Such pretty and fragrant flowers!

At 10:13 am , Blogger Tinker said...

Cute pedicure and lovely flowers! A little pampering can do wonders - and a massage sounds even more wonderful. Enjoy!

At 10:40 am , Blogger Anam said...

I have been perusing and so enjoying your art work. Simply beautiful!

<3 Anam

At 10:03 pm , Blogger Johanna said...


I love the sparkly toes, I definitely approve.

I bought some lovely lilies the other day for Andrew's birthday and to celebrate having fianlly tidied the living room - they've just started to open up and smell wonderful, so I'm right there with you.

Take care xxx

At 7:33 pm , Blogger Kai said...

love the sparkly, glittery colours of your toe-toes there Ms Claire!!
and you have some gorgeous flowers to match. I'm just happy looking at tehm, I can only imagine the joy they bring you in person!!
Now about the pedicure and massage..I think I'll need one too..

and fun, peace, Kai xxxx

At 11:50 am , Blogger JoyceAnn said...

Pretty toes and Beautiful lilies , what more could you want. Although the massage sounds heavenly. Glad you're doing so well !!!

Happy Hugs !!

At 5:39 am , Blogger Penny said...

Love the ped! Your toes are so cute! So glad you are getting back on your feet again, missed you immensely! Flowers are beautiful and you definately deserve them, you are one very strong woman!

At 10:41 pm , Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

Gosh Claire, you like feet?

Arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh! I admire you sooooooooooooooomuch!



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