Friday, December 15, 2006

Serendipity? Synchronicity?

The other week I dashed off an email in response to a negative comment I'd read in the Sunday Times about a TV programme I really enjoy called QI. Anyway they printed the email in the following week's edition... the producers of the show read it and got in touch to offer me the book of the series (which was already on my Amazon xmas wishlist!) The book arrived yesterday and I had such fun last night reading bits out to Nick!
It's full of all those quirky facts you thought you already knew, but which you don't! Did you know that in actual fact Henry VIII only had two wives? The other 'marriages' were annulled and were not considered legal marriages, so the women were not his actual wives! And while Everest may be the highest mountain (measured from sea level), Mauna Kea in Hawaii is the tallest mountain (measured from the bottom on the sea bed), it's over 33,000 ft tall!!
I LOVE this kind of stuff!! And I love it even more when I get something I've written published AND I get a free book!!
Sometimes life is just too cool!!


At 12:30 pm , Blogger radiogirl said...

How cool! I love funky trivia like that! Please, tell us more!

I have made a resolution to write more letters to editors next year, myself. Well, I don't write any, now, so more isn't saying much.

At 2:26 am , Blogger Daisy Lupin said...

Hello, just popped over to see you after your reply to me on Violette's. Two things in common already, I am just reading Sue Monk Kidd's The secret life of bees at the moment and I got Ms Peyroux's new album for my birthday last month and totally agree was not happy about her doing a Joni song but her version of the river is superb, also love her version of the Tom Waits son. Pop over and see me at my site sometime. Thanks for all the recommendations.

At 3:22 am , Blogger zorana said...

How cool is that! It must have been a happy surprise!

At 2:14 pm , Blogger Jazz said...

I love trivia. My head is a fount of totally useless information.
Post some more...


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