Monday, April 16, 2007

Birthday giveaways

Finally I've got myself organized...
Here are the wee goodies I'll giveaway at the end of the month to whoever's name comes out of the hat...
Sorry the scan's aren't great - still no camera!
The top pic is of a 4x4 canvas I made. The central image is one I bought from a dear friend, Fran Burras, last year - finally I've done something with it!
And the book is one I made last year and finally got round to adding decoration to. It's totally blank inside for scribbling, doodling, writing that great masterpiece...
So if you like the look of these wee things, just leave a comment before the end of the month and I'll put your name in the draw!
Giving away goodies truly is as much fun as getting them - I think I'll do this every year on my birthday :o)


At 2:24 pm , Blogger Gemma said...

Giving away presents on your birthday is a great idea!!!Sign me up!!!

At 3:29 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woooo what a wonderful idea! Your birthday is the 16th then? Mine's the 20th heheheheh we're REAL CLOSE! Gooo Glitter girl goooo!
Anyhoo, their wonderful please put my name in!

At 12:35 am , Blogger Kai said...

happy birthday Glitter sis.. :)
what a fun idea!!
Peace, Kai

At 4:33 pm , Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

Oh wow! Birthday eh???????
Will have to raise a glass at the next get together!
Not long now!

At 9:34 pm , Blogger LisaOceandreamer said...

What a great idea...and I couldn't agree more about the fun of giving something away! I'd do it every day if I could!!


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