Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Glorious silliness

The clear-eyed and observant among you will notice the new header at the top of my blog!! (Wish I knew how to place it further down the page so you could see it better...)
You must go try this fun site!! You can just keep trying different titles, until you find one that fits - and oh how we Brits LOVE our titles!!
I just love the idea of being Her Noble Excellency - and of course I am Claire the Festive - any excuse for a party!!
Go and play for a few minutes... I give you a special royal dispensation... It's the perfect distraction for a rainy Tuesday when we should be working...


At 2:02 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anna if you go to your template for your blog and look for this #blog-header div { height: 450px; then add about 50 in place of 450 I think that will fix it. Ninnie


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