Friday, December 29, 2006

My baby is 9!!

It hardly seems possible that it was nine years ago that my life was made complete... She has grown to be so beautiful and talented and the loveliest little person imaginable!
As you can see she has something of a passion for the W.I.T.C.H. programme. I was thrilled to find her a personalized birthday card and cake topper on the internet, so we cooked up the cake yesterday and decorated it this morning.

Happy Birthday, my precious girl! May every year bring you more joy and delight - just as you bring to us :o)


At 9:11 pm , Blogger zorana said...

Happy Birthday Esther! What a lovely and talented girl you are! My best wishes for a great year!

At 11:24 am , Blogger Lisa said...

Oh she is a beauty. Happy Birthday. Love the cake!

At 6:33 am , Blogger Pen said...

Happy, happy birthday to Esther. What a cutie! I understand why you are so proud of her, she is a special gal!


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