Thursday, October 19, 2006

My gorgeous talented boy

Here's Sam's take on L.S. Lowry - I think it's a fabulous composition! Clearly not just my beautiful girl can wield a pencil! It's easy to overlook how artistic Samuel is as he doesn't sit around drawing and painting like Esther does, but when he really gets into something he clearly excels at it!! We are also wildly proud parents this week as we learnt Sam has passed his 11+ and gained a place at the boys' grammar school here in town for next year! He also took an aptitude test for another local school and passed well enough to be awarded one of 12 science & computer technology places on offer there too! So we're in the fortunate position of being spoilt for choice! Every parent's dream!


At 4:55 pm , Blogger zorana said...

What an elaborate drawing! I love the action on it... I can picture the sounds and colors on the street. Great job! Congratulations! What a joy to have such talented, smart and sweet children. :-)


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