Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today's art class

I spent two whole hours today mixing colours - and I had a ball!! Oh, I could spend my life doing this! There is just so much to learn about everything - I really do need a second lifetime!
I'm also now a bone fide artist - I bought my first real paints! And with these 3 wee colours I can create literally 100s - how amazing is that??!?
The other amazing thing was walking to school to collect the kids this afternoon - a walk I have made 100s of times - it truly was as if someone had turned a light on - all the colours were sooo bright! I found myself looking at the grass and wondering if it was more of a blue-green or a yellow-green... and looking at the bricks in the walls I passed wondering which shades of red I'd need to mix to get their colour... and don't even get me started on what paints I'd need to catch the incredible colours of the lichen-covered wall at the end of our road.... and all because I spent two hours playing with paints this morning :o)


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