Thursday, March 15, 2007

OK, the suspense is over!

We have a winner - nay, we have THREE winners!!!

Yes, I am indeed a parsnip!!

And guess who was the first correct guesser?? (she was also the 3rd and the 23rd and the 63rd...)

Yes, it was indeed, Mrs Nesbitt!!!

Congratulations, me duck!!

And what of the funniest answer???

Well, there were some absolute gems like Flassie's dandelion and burdock :o) (Non-Brits will need to email me for an explanation....)

And Everything Altered's birth control - ouch! :o{

But the one which genuinely made me laugh out loud when I first read it, because it seemed so perfectly suited to the picture, but none of the clues was Liz's car airbag! And apparently after several days of staring at the photo it still looked like a car airbag!! And you know what - I rather think it does - though I doubt it's a sweet tasting vegetable! :o)

And now to the final prize drawing....


At 3:30 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh the wonders of suspense!!!! CONGRADULATIONS to everyone! :) WOOO HOOO!!

At 6:05 pm , Blogger violette said...

oh what a fun contest! Congrats to the winner!

love violette


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